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Dominant Villa

Villa Rentals

Send us your dates, the number of attendants, your lifestyle and we will propose the ideal accommodation for your event or holidays!


Security Service

Protect your privacy and feel safe 24/7


Premium Products

Anything on your doorstep:

  • Premium Drinks
  • Premium Champaign
  • Cigars
  • Shisha
  • Love kit
  • Love Box
  • Groceries Delivery

Transfer Service

Move around safely with your personal driver

  • 24 hour disposal driver
  • 12 hour disposal driver
  • driver on call
Helicopter tour in Mykonos

Helicopter Tours

  • Book a tour and watch the beauties of the island like never before. A 30 minute route over the island will change your perspective.
  • Visit Santorini island with the most glamourous way! A luxury car will await to drive you through famous sceneries of Santorini island and will offer you a taste of local wines and cuisine. Don’t forget to bring your souvenirs back to Mykonos!
jeep wrangler

Car & Quad Rentals

Choose the type of transportation that suits you best for island exploration

  • Car Rental
  1. Jeep Wrangler
  2. Small car
  • Quad Rental
  1. 400cc
  2. 125cc


  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Session
  • Pilates Session

Massage & Spa

Sense the relaxation flowing into your body or book an erotic couples massage and feel the sexual pleasure on a higher level.


Beauty Services

  1. Nail Spa
  2. Hairdresser
  3. Waxing
  4. Make-up
Boat Tour in Mykonos

Boat Tours

  • Luxury Yacht (6-8 hours tour)
  • Catamaran (6-8 hours tour)
  • Traditional Boat (6-8 hours Tour)
  • Rib Boats and Super-Tenders (6-8 hours Tour)
  • Boho Cruise (6-8 hours Tour)

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving

  • Snorkeling tour from the bay or from boat. Professionals will escort you to the unique Aegean depths.
  • Tours and services are provided a wide variety of categories (beginners, advanced etc.).

Water Sports

  • Jet Ski
  • Parasailing  
  • Wakeboard- Wake surf
  • Flying Fish
  • Flyboard 
  • The Sonar
  • Crazy UFO
  • Tubes
  • The Air Stream 
horse riding in Mykonos

Horse Riding

Start your 3 hours ridding tour from Maou village and head to the secluded Fokos beach, a unique landscape for relaxation under the sun, swimming and lunch at the most traditional tavern in the island.


Mykonian Traditional House, Rizes

A journey back to Mykonian RIZES (ROOTS). A journey in time and history of the authentic Mykonos. In the heart of the island, through the traditionally decorated house, the folklore workshops, the lush gardens, the domestic animals and the secluded routes, they revive the daily life of their ancestors and their heritage.

A Mykonian family that continues to live with the tradition and local customs and passes them from one generation to another will open the doors to original Greek hospitality.

Taste the local flavors of Mykonian cuisine, explore the traditional farm life and participate in their every day routine.


Yummy Pedals - 3 Hours Tour

 As the road to Fokos winds through the rural landscapes of Mykonos, we stop halfway at a traditional private church for a short visit and an insight by your guide into the religious traditions of Mykonos. Then we continue our ride by the soothingly peaceful water of the reservoir of Ano Mera, before encountering the picturesque view of Fokos beach. As we coast down the last downhill before our destination, we have the chance to admire this unique landscape and take some panoramic souvenir photos. The inviting blue of the sea will certainly not leave you uninterested. You can also admire it during a short hike, as the hillside of Fokos beach will be calling you to its Sunkissed (easy to hike) path, from where you can enjoy the magnificence of the Aegean sea and the wild landscape of Mykonos. This is the easiest trail, but -because of Mykonos’s morphology- it is impossible not to have some hilly parts, especially on the way back. Nevertheless, the leisurely pace we follow allows each participant  to cycle at their own pace and nobody gets the feeling of being left behind. If you are still intimidated by the inclines, you may also consider the option of renting an e-bike, i.e. a motor-assisted bicycle smoothening your pedaling and helping you conquer all terrain.

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